You are into event apps. This is what you should do.

You go to an event, there are 100s of people. It is practically impossible to talk to everyone. And then also, you collect so many business cards and forget who’s who.** How do you make sure you effectively network with right people?**

Event apps are great help where you can check the profiles of the attendees, see whats trending in the event and stay updated by sharing posts and pictures. It definitely improves the effectiveness of any event.

Having said this, the event apps are transient and hence it is a challenge for getting it installed by the attendees. Still, there are few things that an event app business should greatly consider to solve these problems.

  1. Registration for any event is a pain. Attendees have booked the event. On the event day they stand in the queue to register themselves. Some volunteer will check for the name and give the i-card. Many events get delayed because lot of people are still in the registration queue. If the event apps can expedite the process with QR code or beacons or any other innovative technology, this will ensure that most of the attendees will install the app. Also its a big boost for the organisers with their registration process improved. Win Win for all.
  2. If you push your user to install the app, chances are he won’t. The two major focus areas for any startup currently is Content and Experience. Before the event, organisers share great content with the user through emails. But if clicking on the content link forces me to install the app, its screwing my experience. Lot of startups have hence come up with the mobile web version. Give the content on a mobile web site, have a prominent link to install the app. You can lure him to install by showing who or how many people have installed, or what more they can find on the app, etc.
  3. Bring people and things together: **This point doesn’t really have to do with the app installs but with your success in general. The startups only focussing on technology are lately finding themselves in a tunnel. Just because technology providers are in abundance now, it is time that any startup in any business provide more value add and not just technology.** You then increase the chances of customer satisfaction by more than 70%. For instance, for events, the organisers always have challenge to get volunteers and projectors, etc. If you can partner with someone who can solve this and bring a better deal or value add to the customer, it gives them more confidence in you as a business.
  4. Lastly, nothing works better than referrals. Ask your existing clients to write about you. Show their testimonials to your potential customers and display them on your website. Keep sharing content with your old customers which you think they will be interested in. They will make sure that either they or someone else calls you for their next event.

Mitesh Bulsara

Serial Entrepreneur and Coach